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  • Advanced Electronic Scale Controller

    Ultimate generation board for high performances and accuracy
  • Complete Bagging Systems

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  • Bag Automation and Fuji Robotics

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  • Advanced Remote Assistance

    Because we never leave our customers alone

Company profile

login-logoBagAutomation s.r.l. is a innovative young company with a specialized staff with twenty (20) years of experience in the weighing, bagging and palletizing fields.
It has specialized departments in order to develop electrical, electronic and mechanical projects designed by technical, electrical and electronic engineers. With the aid of several agreements with other key partners in the bagging and palletizing fields, the company is able to provide a full turnkey solution for any need in the packaging area. Thanks to support and collaboration with the university of Ferrara for checking conformity to electromagnetic interference on the machine or pats of them, the company satisfies completely their customers.

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